Bathroom Scene Staging

Movie producing and stage setting is an interesting profession. There are numerous scenes in any one movie and at times actors may fly from one state to another to create different scenes within a movie. Other times, they may spend a majority of time in the studio. It simply depends on the movie and what makes the most sense for it. With all of that, it may come as a surprise to some that one of the most challenging things is the bathroom scene staging.

The Production Company’s Job

Round Producers ChairEvery aspect of a movie is planned out before shooting ever begins. Everyone has to know their parts, know their places, and their specific locations. At one time in history, all movies were created on a stage and only the backgrounds would change. The actors and actresses stayed in the studio at all times. Now, with rechargeable batteries and portable generators, there can be more action in a movie and it can venture out of the studio to random parts of the world. If the film script calls for a building to collapse, you find a location where a building is being demolished. If it calls for a road trip, you find random areas along the trip’s path for actors to perform parts. If it is mostly a house scene, film crews may come in and rent a home from someone, then transform it into a home for that actor or the “family”. So many different aspects are possible, and very little of it has to be on a stage, but there are still times that everyone may go back to the studio.

Creating The Scene

A Bathroom Dilemma

staging A BathroomMost of the time, a bathroom is a minor part in a movie, if it is even shown in a movie. This is because most people do not need to see what goes on in that room. It means that there is no real reason to recreate a bathroom in someone’s home for the movie, but that particular scene may be created at the studio. If it is only a shower scene or a quick shot of the toilet, then only those things may be put into the “on stage” bathroom. If it is a scene that has people moving around in the bathroom, they may create a fuller bathroom on the stage. It simply depends on what is needed, but in all cases, you can expect them to have a bathroom which is upgraded enough to be considered modern.

The Total Bathroom Experience

In the event that the bathroom will be seen frequently in the movie, the crew will most likely put together an entire bathroom for it. This means that they have shower heads that function as they should, toilets that hold water, sinks that have perfumes and other common items on them, and more. The staging crew may also search for shower panel reviews when creating the shower stall to find out what is popular among homeowners. This is done in an effort to make sure that people can relate to the people, the scene, and the characters that are portrayed. It all takes effort, but the end results are outstanding.