Indoor trampoline parks are the latest craze among kids, teenagers, gymnasts, fitness junkies and just about anyone that has had the pleasure of experiencing one. This new spin on fitness and fun is spreading over the nation, with new parks popping up all over the country. You might not know it yet, but chances are you have one located in the city closest to you. It might be a Sky Zone, or possibly an Air Heads, but they are all built on the same idea. These indoor parks appeal to people of all ages and interests, whether that be looking to have a blast bouncing with friends or working their beach bodies back into shape. Instead of searching for the best trampoline brands to buy for your own home, take the money and buy a membership for one of these trampoline parks where you don’t have to deal with the hassle of ownership and you have the comfort of knowing you have the top of the line trampoline.

Indoor trampoline parks have become hugely popular for birthday parties. This makes sense for a number of reasons. For one, how much easier could planning and hosting a birthday party be than letting someone else do all of the work? No need to decorate. No need to spend a lot of money. No need to worry about entertaining. No need to feed them. And best of all, no need to clean up after them. This is all taken care of at the indoor trampoline park. Send out of the invites, buy a cake and let the fun begin, hassle-free. Most parks have concession stands and restaurants to fill up on all kinds of delicious treats. Each kid can pay their own way for the day, or you can incur about a group rate. In fact, many trampoline parks offer birthday packages that include a group rate for a specific number of jumpers as well as food. At Airheads, you can even include add-ons, such as a game of dodge ball, a birthday cake, souvenirs, balloons, etc. Secondly, I have never met a kid that doesn’t like jumping on a trampoline. Now, give them the best trampolines with the best games and toys and all of their close friends and it doesn’t get any better. Lastly, you never have to worry about the weather ruining the fun. It can be rain or shine, and the park is always open.

As mentioned previously, dodge ball is a very popular activity among trampoline park enthusiasts. Only this is probably not the same dodge ball you are thinking of. It’s much different than the dodge ball that Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn and competed in. It is a variation of the game. This is dodge ball with a twist – air dodge ball. Take a look at the video to see what we mean. What could be more fun than combining two of the greatest activities: dodge ball and bouncing? Some indoor trampoline parks let you join in the game for fun, while others actually hosts tournaments you can take part in and possibly win some great prizes. It’s a blast for kids and adults of all ages.

One of the biggest reasons these indoor parks have really take off is because many fitness junkies have replaced their unused gym membership with a membership to an indoor trampoline park. Instead of looking for excuses to skip a workout, they are looking forward to bouncing the pounds off and working on that beach body. Why, you ask? Because working out is finally fun. Bouncing on a trampoline is wonderful cardiovascular workout. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour, and it is even said that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is equivalent to 33 minutes of running. It is also a low impact workout because it lowers the impact and stress on your joints. Additionally, it is said to improve flexibility and posture, increase energy and muscle strength, and reduce stress levels and blood pressure. In addition to just bouncing on the trampoline, most indoor parks now have specific exercise classes like aerobics, yoga and zumba that suit all fitness levels from beginning to expert.

Admission fees to the indoor trampoline parks vary by location. Usually, there are daily, monthly and yearly rates available. Often, fitness classes and dodge ball is an extra fee. Some might offer a free day pass to see how you like it before signing up. There are often deals and discounts on Groupon for memberships so you should definitely look there first. Who knew fun and fitness could really and truly coexist?