When making the decision to traverse the globe on two wheels, the packing list becomes incredibly limited. For obvious reasons, when traveling on a motorcycle, as opposed to car/plane, storage room just doesn’t exist. Therefore, picking and choosing the most essential of gear is of utmost importance. You don’t want to leave home without something you need, but yet don’t want to be carrying stuff that’s just excessive and going to weigh you down. Most everyday gear is pretty common across the board, shoes, shirts, pants, toiletries etc. However, when it comes to those extra items, this is where everyone goes their separate ways. Nonetheless there are few items we feel you shouldn’t leave home, to set out on two wheels without.

First and foremost is a multi-tool. Let’s face it, even if your riding the most reliable of motorcycles, something is going to eventually break. You don’t want to break down somewhere in the middle of the Laotian mountains with no tools, no help, nothing. Therefore, with the bare minimum of a multi-tool,you might be able to at least temporarily fix any unforeseen issues.  Most multi-tools these days come standard with a screw driver, knife, pliers etc. Each tool can be unique so we suggest checking out the best multi-tool superstore for the right tool for you. Although a multi-tool might not be the full-sized tool box in your garage, something is always better than nothing. There is simply not enough room for a full tool box on board a motorcycle when making an around the world trip. Thus, a multi-tool is the best option to have some sort of mechanical support without bringing the entire garage.

Second, a spare tire or patch kit. It is going to happen more than once while you are out on the road. Being in the middle of nowhere with no air pressure or worse yet, no tire is not a good situation to be in. Some riders just might not have room to strap on a spare tire, so at the very least a plug kit is necessary. A plug will likely last you until you can get into a town to have your tire properly patched. Although, we should note that some of the smaller towns around the world may not have the ability to properly patch a tire like you are used to back home. It is worth noting as well that a small compressor will be necessary to re-inflate a tire after plugging or changing. These are sold relatively cheap now, and have been significantly reduced in size which makes carrying along on a trip a breeze.

Third, spare fuses. Fuses will blow along the way. Without a complete electrical connection a bike will refuse to run. Especially a lot of the newer model bikes have emergency kill switches installed to prevent the bike from functioning in the smallest capacity. Fuses are small enough to store and have plenty of them, as most towns that don’t see very many “big bikes” will not be prepared to replace you fuse. Along with fuses, it’s a good idea to keep at least a few extra bulbs, as these will definitely burn out along the way.

Fourth, an every day carry knife or EDC knife. If you are not going to carry a multi-tool, at least carry along an EDC knife. In a pinch this will work to free you from many situations. You can also use the knife for many functions like tightening down a loose flat head screw if worse comes to worse. Also a knife can provide some sort of protection in the event you were to be attacked. Let’s face it, some foreign lands you may travel across the world on two wheels can be dangerous. Therefore make sure you have the best EDC knife knife available if you choose to not go with the multi-tool option.

Lastly, a tie-down strap is something we recommend carrying with on an around the world motorcycle trip. For obvious reasons a tie-down strap can be used to tie items down. However, the strap can also be used to haul things, used as a tow strap, and have many other uses when you find yourself in a jam. You’d be surprised how many times you will find yourself, wanting to haul additional goodies along the way.

Of course, everyone’s packing list is going to be drastically different in terms of those can’t leave home without items, but this simple list can help to keep you out of a jam. Although these items are seemingly obvious to have with you while on a trip, many times they are overlooked, and can put a permanent halt on any trip. Remember there its always better to be over prepared than under, and with the reduction in size of tools, this is not all the more realistic.