What is video production? A short and concise definition of video production is that it involves a lot of planning, writing scripts, shooting scenes and editing before the final product is ready. That’s about it. Making a video production isn’t easy at all because you have to plan carefully everything. First and foremost you need to have a script in order for you to run the project smoothly, next is to shoot it and get some images that are all related to the script and after that you should start editing the images all together. And with all the time and effort you and your team have given, you can now create a video production.

 The importance of making a Script

When you are planning to make a video, you really need to have a script for the reason that it would be easier for you to have at least an outline for your film. Even doing a short video documentary requires a script. However, you can just take a lot of footage and shots and go directly to the editing room and piece it all together. Then create a storyline using the video footages. But then again, if you have come up with a script right before filming started, everything will go a lot smoother and organized.

Questions in the process of pre-production and writing the script for your film,

  • Where Am I going to film?
  • What would be my target audience?
  • When Am I going to start filming?
  • Who should I interview?
  • The style used for shooting?
  • The emotions of the viewer when watching the clip?

Above are just some of the guide questions for you. Initially, you need to know the answers so it would be easier for the video production team to start the video filming. All of these things are essential in the pre-production and writing process.

The importance of Shooting

You are done with the first few steps which are researching and questioning, you are also done with the script outline. This will help you understand more about the project. You can now start shooting the required footage. This is the part that most crew members consider to be fun and enjoyable. Most people in the film industry are excited about this part of the video production. There are things to consider when shooting. Be consistent or it can become a distraction to the audience if the footages or shots are in different formats. That is not a good call. So be consistent.

 The Importance of Editing and Budget of the Film

When you are done with your script and footages, then comes the editing stage, putting it all together in a logical way. From the videographer’s perspective one of the hardest part is to not include some of the shots and quotes in the film. The editor must use their experience and choose wisely which to include or not.

The budget of the film can be subdivided into categories and it includes:

  • Script
  • Licensing
  • Artists
  • Producers
  • Director
  • Supporting staff

If the film requires special effects or stunts for the production, costs can escalate. So any person planning on producing a film must ensure sufficient funding for the project.